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Notes on our translation project

One speciality of Lina Nikolakopoulou are her unique and highly descriptive lyrics. Many times they catapult the listener into a film sequence, surreal and full of vivid images.
Another quality is her versatility: Lina writes original poems and, on the other hand, she is able to write lyrics to music. Some of the public’s most beloved classics of her oeuvre are connected to melodies with origins as diverse as Greece, the Balkans, Armenia, Italy and Spain.

Our path of discovery
In 2019, in celebration of a brief visit from the artist to Germany, we set out to translate especially remarkable lyrics by Lina Nikolakopoulou into German.
Our approach is the „metaphrasi“. We aim to stay true to the original meaning while at the same time we try to find a smooth wording for the German text.
In the time following, we also started to work on translating her verses into the English language.

You can find examples of our interpretations at English translations and German translations.

Newest updates on song translations (update)

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