Methana Peninsula

Methanathe volcanic peninsula in the Saronic Gulf

Regina & Christiana, the authors of this website, have made several trips to explore this picturesque place in the Saronic Gulf.
Here is where Lina Nikolakopoulou spent her childhood years and we can estimate that the lively nature may have given inspiration to quite a few of her most characteristic song poems.

An invigorating journey

On land you can reach Methana in two and a half hours by car from Athens. We prefer the maritime route from Piraeus. 😎
The sunny journey on the ferry is usually accompanied by curious seagulls. After passing by Aegina halfway on the way to Methana, you are slowly approaching the silhouette of the peninsula which is very characteristic. The arrary of extinct volcanic cones which form its shape make for an instantly recognizable and unique look.

The song “Lava“, written by Lina Nikolakopoulou for the album “San Ifaisteio Pou Xypna” (“Like A Volcano That Awakens”) and powerfully interpreted by Alkistis Protopsalti, comes to mind.

Like a volcano that awakens
From a deep dream
And what creates the mountains
Cries to be born

Like a volcano that awakens
For seven generations extinct
My lava, my lava
My warm blood

We get the picture of a crescendo tied to a volcanic outbreak and we imagine the eruptions that happened here some hundreds and thousands of years ago that built up the land masses to today’s form.

– Then, the blow of the ship’s horn signals our arrival at the port of the main town.

During our stay, we absorb many impressions of this wonderful region: Its rich landscape, lovely villages and eclectic flora and fauna. The red-pebbled beaches with their little stones show us again the long cooled-off lava. This time, it has been polished by the waves of the Aegean Sea.
It’s a fantastic day to enjoy a good swim at Limniona beach and listen to the sound of the waves or to walk on the hiking trails and join in the chirping of the cicadas.

When approaching the small “Nisaki” right next to the main town, we pass by a corner where the fishermen lay out their nets to dry. There, the song “Ta Pedila” (The Sandals), written by the Lina Nikolakopoulou for Haris Alexiou’s album “Di’ Efchon”, comes to mind:

With my white sandals
I was walking one day
Next to the nets of a fisherman

And as a wish I have a sea –
As if the soul was a pebble

On our tours around Methana, we meet friendly and helpful locals and have a chance to enjoy the delicious food of the Greek cuisine. Sun, wind, the salty breath of the sea… the mountains and pathways… the lizards and the tortoises of the peninsula… they inhabit a beautiful place.
And there are the hot springs which already have been described by Greek traveler and geographer Pausanias in the second century AD.

Our journey lets us condense our impressions in one of L. N.’s signature verses named
H Sotiria Tis Psychis” (The Salvation Of The Soul).

The salvation of the soul
Is a very big thing
Like a refreshing trip
With a hidden wound

We think that Methana‘s many, diverse assets make it a naturally beautiful travel destination.
May every mindful visitor find profound recreation and serenity when discovering this hidden gem!

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Photographies on this website are copyrighted by Regina and Christiana.